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  • Jun 18

    Have an old class ring lying around? A broken necklace? Old, unwanted jewelry? Then turn it into some extra cash! A lot of people are starting to realize that they can sell scrap gold to make money. The process is simple. Find a broker online who will buy your gold. They then turn around and sell it to a refinery, who makes gold bars out of it.

    Once you have found someone to buy your gold, simply fill out their form and mail them your items. It’s that easy. So if you need some extra cash and have some old gold, silver or platinum thing lying around, take advantage of them. Just like eBay can help you sell old items, so can scrap gold buyers help you make money from your old jewelry.

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  • Jun 11

         For many of us, we are having to stay on our budget through out these hard financial times.  It is also important to remember to eat healthy even though the unhealthy foods may cost less. Here are some tips for sticking to the budget and eating healthy:

    • Making a grocery list
      If you already have what you are going to buy written down when you enter the grocery store you won’t be tempted to buy and spend more than planned.  It is a great way to not be sucked in to great sales on items you want but don’t need.


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  • Jun 10

    It is no secret that many Americans have lost huge chunks of their life savings in the recent downturn of the stock market. There is, however, a silver lining. Historically the hardest recessions have provided great opportunity for the wise investor. Investing in smart undervalued stocks right now is the best thing you can do.

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