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  • Jul 31

    I am so sick of not being able to take liquids past security. It is frustrating at airports because I want to carry-on my luggage but then I cannot bring shampoo or face wash. One time I was going to a football game and they would not let me bring in a water bottle.

    It is almost like this is a bad marketing stunt by water bottle companies which know we are going to get thirsty but take our water bottles away from us.

    This is where the good news comes in. I figured it out. They have no problem with the bottles themselves, just the water inside them. So I bring empty water bottles to airports and games and fill them up once I get inside. This way save myself a couple bucks each time.

  • Jul 31

    We all have heard that time is money- but does that really influence the way we spend our time? All of us have the same amount of time, yet some get ahead because they learn how to organize time better. Here are some tips to help achieve better time management:

    1- Schedule time for things that need to get done everyday. These are most often your priorities- making time for family, going to the gym, reading a good book, etc.

    2- Write down a list of things that need to be done. Depending on individual needs, make a yearly to-do list, monthly, and/or daily.

    3-Put “must do’s” before “can do’s” on your list. Get the most important things done first.

    4-Stay away from “analysis paralysis,” which is spending to much time thinking about what to accomplish or how to achieve goals. When this happens move forward remembering that the greatest lessons are learned from mistakes.

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  • Jul 30

    After a long day at the office we seem to want to come home and throw our clothes in the hamper. It just sits there staring at us wanting our worn clothes. It is so tempting to simply throw them in there because then we do not have to deal with them.

    If we throw them in the hamper we do not have to hang them up or fold them and put them away. This seems great so we give in.

    The problem with doing this though is we will actually lose money. When you wash your clothes it breaks down the fibers in the material thus decreasing its lifespan. This means we will have to go buy more clothes once ours is dead. We can remedy this by waiting to wash our clothes until after a couple wears and thus extending our clothes and our finances.