Stale Green Light

Are you prepared for a change in the green?

  • Jul 30

    Did you know that you are spending more money than you have to online? If you are searching for the latest deals and want to save some money, shopping online is the best thing you can do. Before you ever buy something online make sure to search for potential coupon codes. Often with a simple google search you will be able to find free shipping offers, percent-off coupons, and special discounts that are not widely publicized. Also, retailers will often have exclusive online only sales.

    The following are websites that list a vast array of little-known coupons for online retailers:


  • Jul 29

    1. Cable Television – Having cable is extremely expensive, costing you over $60 a month. This is definitely wasted money because you’re getting background music channels and foreign-language channels that you’re never going to watch. An alternative would be to get satellite, it is usually cheaper. Or you could always stick with getting your network shows on the Internet. Sites like offer users hundreds of movies and television shows for free!

    2. Movie Theater Snacks – We all know that everything at the movie theater is jacked up in price. A simple bag of skittles can cost around $3 or more. So why pay for it? Go to a convenient store on the way to the movies, stack up on whatever candy you want and stow it in you purse. You will get more candy for a cheaper price, guaranteed.

    3. ATM Fees – You walk up to an ATM and get $50 bucks out of the machine. You have to pay a fee around $3 for using the machine. Not only that, but you will get a fee from your own bank if you used a competitor’s ATM machine. So some advice, take a couple minutes, go inside the bank, write a check to yourself and cash it out.

  • Jul 29

    Credit Cards have received a bad reputation over the last couple years. All of us are taught to loathe them because we have placed the blame of our economic crisis on them. Despite what we say they are, we have to take a closer look at these pieces of plastic.

    Most people are so attracted to credit cards because they like the rewards and benefits offered upon application. The problems arise when these people do not act responsibly and pay off their debts every month. They then do not receive any of the advertised benefits but pay into the creditors pool of wealth.

    We should turn this around and start paying off our credit debts. If we do we can ensure ourselves a taste of the benefits and start to see the good in credit cards.