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  • Sep 29

    A lot of people have health problems. What many don’t know is that health costs put about one million people a year in this country into bankruptcy. If you want to save money, save your health! It’s the best thing you can do in the long run for your finances and your life.

    There are a lot of ways to deal with health costs. You can get treatment, look for a cure, do preventive actions, etc. However you go about it, it is wise to take care of yourself because if you just exercise each day and eat right, you’ll never worry about those soaring healthcare costs. So go home and eat a healthy snack!

  • Sep 25

    Ever turned on your heater or AC only to feel nothing coming out the vent? Your spending boat loads on your power bill but not really getting the full return on it. A great way to save is to get your air ducts and/or HVAC cleaned or repaired. You may be wasting money on your energy bill each month. There are a lot of companies that can clean and service these types of things for your home or office. So whether it is at home or at work, look into it and get it done, you can save a lot of money. If you live in southern California, you should look into air duct cleaning in San Diego with Air-Tek.

  • Sep 23

    Just wanted to let everyone know our resource page is up and running. We want to be able to give our readers some valuable link resources in the realm of finance. Check in periodically and see what new resources we are able to find and post for you.