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Are you prepared for a change in the green?

  • Nov 17

    Everybody always gets a little woried about the end of year holiday cost. But, this year it looks like at least the cost of thanksgiving dinner will go down.

    According to the American Farm Bureau Federation the average price to cook a thanksgiving meal will drop 4%.

    A family of 10 this year can eat for 42.91 down from 44.61 last year. That extra money can be spent on some day-after-thanksgiving sales.

    However, farmers are not liking the drop in the cost. Farmers will expect to lose 8%-9% of turkey production this year, cranberries are down 20%.

  • Nov 10

    According to an article by store theft could be effecting your family more than you think. Shoplifting has skyrocketed the past year costing the average family about 435$. Because of theft stores have been forced to higher their prices.
    “Prices on products would be lower on average if merchants did not have to incur lost revenue from store crimes,” Bamfield said
    Retail crimes have risen 8.8% or about 42 billion over the past year. The most stolen items are popular branded items like I-pods, perfumes, and electronics. So will prices continue to rise or is there relief in the future?

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  • Nov 5

    An anti-trust suit has just been filed against Intel.  Purportedly, they have been utilizing kickbacks and threats to keep the monopoly on microprocessor chips in the U.S. with HP, Dell, and IBM.  Their main competitor, Advanced Micro Devices, has been producing faster and more innovative microprocessing chips, but Intel was reduced to illegal tactics to keep their hold on the market.


    For investors: Intel may no longer be at the top of the market once this suit goes through the court and they have been using illegal methods to keep their customers buying.

    For consumers: those slow microprocessors may be the reason foreign brands run faster, and laptop prices may experience fluctuation.