Stale Green Light

Are you prepared for a change in the green?

  • Jan 28

    Toyota’s stocks are suffering. As the car company continues to recall more and more cars today.

    The company realized that many of their cars had gas pedals that would get stuck on the floor mat. When this happeend the car would speed up uncontrollably.

    Over 5 million cars have been recalled so far and the recall has now reached into Europe.

    Hopefully, Toyota will fix this problem promptly and effeciently and their stocks will recover.

  • Jan 26

    Last week the stock market took a beating. The DOW, S&P and Nasdaq all dropped 5% in the last three sessions of the week.

    This week, the market has reacted well to some encouraging news. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 50 points with over an hour left in teh session. The S&P 500 index gained 3 points and the Nasdaq composite rose 8 points.

    This encouraging news can be attributed to many different pieces of encouraging news. A better-than-expected consumer confidence report, the start of the two-day Federal Reserve meeting and Apple’s excellent quarterly reports all attributed to the rise in the market.

    Hopefully in the next weeks the market will continue it’s positive trend.