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  • Mar 31

    dollar houseThis year, if you’re the average American, you owe the government 99 days of work to pay off your taxes. When it’s said like that it kinda hits a little bit harder to the chest to realize that we are paying so much money. This year, the 99th day or tax freedom day, lands on April 9. We want to encourage you to celebrate this day by doing something with your own money that you will finally start earning and not forking over the the government.

    On a final note, just so you know, most Americans spend more money on taxes than on food, clothing, and shelter combined during the year.

    Celebrate April 9th and have a great day.

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  • Mar 10

    No matter what time of the year, spending urges never seem to cease. Although there is a rare group that can spend and splurge on whatever they like, whenever they like… most of American’s find their spending is limited to the dollar amount of their paycheck.

    However, often times, even with a clear knowledge of our limited resources we find ourselves living luxury’s we cannot afford. Thank you credit cards! The purpose of this post is to give you three basic tips on how to limit your credit-card debt.

    Fun Fact: The average American household has at least ONE credit card with approximately $11,000 in credit-card debt.

    1. Borrow only for those things which are MOST essential. Borrowing for college, a home, or a reasonable car is OK. Just remember, don’t ever get into so much debt that you can’t afford to pay it back.

    2. DO NOT purchase with credit those things that you consume quickly. If you can’t go out to eat this month, that’s ok! If you can’t go to the movies this month, that’s ok! There’s no easier way to swamp yourself with debt than to use your credit card to purchase your day-to-day items. If eating out or going to the movies is something you love but can’t afford right now, save a little each month until you can (there’s no movie worth paying interest on for the next few months!)

    3. Control your spending. Write down everything you purchase on a daily basis and at the end of the month weed out those things which are not essential. Believe me, this will put a few extra bucks in your pocket. There’s nothing worse than not knowing where or when your money has been spent (and even worse if you realize too late that somebody else has been spending it for you…).

  • Mar 9
    Airbus A320

    Airbus A320

    JetBlue has decided to decrease the amount of its aircraft deliveries.

    Embraer 190s

    Embraer 190s

    For the Airbus A320s, the deliveries have been decreased by half, from eight to four air crafts. Alternatively in the case of the Embraer 190s, the decrease in deliveries is significantly smaller, from five to four air crafts.

    These delivery cut backs are only for the year 2010. In the year 2012, JetBlue plans to further decrease their deliveries to only two Airbus A320 deliveries and seven Embraer 190s. In contrast, as recently as 2006, Jet Blue was accepting the deliveries of a new plane every 10 days.

    The change in JetBlue’s air craft deliveries comes from the fact that by controlling the airline’s growth, they will also be steadying the airline’s cost.

    This information was released on Tuesday afternoon by JetBlue’s CEO, Dave Barger, at a investor conference.

    Dave Barger

    Dave Barger

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