Stale Green Light

Are you prepared for a change in the green?

  • Oct 1

    With the economy down, people are staying away from the housing market, which is smart for people in unstable neighborhoods.  If you have a good income and the funds to buy a few income properties, you should take advantage of the low prices.

    The housing market is starting to rebound, but home prices are still way down from a few years ago, and there are still millions of foreclosed homes on the market.  That means really cheap offers are being accepted, especially on houses needing some work.

    If you have the money to do it, buy these house, do the cosmetic work to make it look nice and increase the value by thousands more than you put into it.  Do this work and then go back to sell it and you could make more money in 2 months than you do all year.

    Make sure you find houses in neighborhoods where the value can appreciate, and then budget your time and money so you don’t get stuck in a money pit.  Taking advantage of the low economy by  investing in real estate could be the best investment you’ll ever make.