Stale Green Light

Are you prepared for a change in the green?

  • Dec 22

    The holidays are in full swing and that means that a lot of cash is being thrown down on presents, food, and travel costs.  The expenses add up really fast, and before you know it your savings account is drained in only two months time.

    It is stressful and you wonder how you will recover and prepare for the next big things on the calendar; like tuition, summer plans, and and everything else that is just around the bend.  Well that is what New Years resolutions are for.

    Make the commitment to cut back on spending and put your money away in a safe place every paycheck.   The expenses will slow down after the new year, and there should be no reason why you can’t build back up your savings in a few short months.

    You just have to be safe and smart.  Take it day by day, and try to resist those little splurges while you are out running errands.

    You probably don’t need those new shoes, and your can kids definitely wait for that $50 video game.  Christmas was the time for those things, but after the holidays pass you need to buckle down and look towards the future.

    Budget your money wisely and try to put as much as you can into the bank every month.  If you can, put a large chunk into an interest bearing savings account so you are making money while doing nothing.

    If you plan and take control, you can build your savings back up and get back to happy place where you are not completely stressed out about money.

  • Dec 17

    Summer means a lot of different things for people.  It can mean vacationing, summer camps, relaxing poolside, barbecuing, or internships.

    No matter what you are doing, the chances are your expenses go up a bit when the warm weather hits.  This means you probably need to brace yourself.

    Whether you go on vacation, send your kids to camp, or you are a student yourself taking an internship in the big city, you have to pay for some kind of food and housing.

    Before you commit to anything, you should check the costs involved.  With summer camps you pretty much pay a one time fee, ship the kids off, and don’t have to worry about it.

    For vacations though, you need to figure in the cost of getting there, hotel accommodations, food, shopping, and transportation while there.  This stuff can add up fast so it is better to crunch the number before you get there.

    With internships, paid or not, you most likely will need to figure out housing for a couple of months, food, transportation, and entertainment costs on the weekend.  For a student that can be lot.

    Go online and look for deals on apartments and motels, and if you can find someone to share a place with so you can split the costs.  You should also check out public transit costs because driving in a big city is a nightmare, especially if you are not familiar with the area.

    You should plan out a budget months before you go so you can start saving right away.  Make sure you round up on expenses and leave yourself a good cushion just in case something unexpected comes up.

    Planning is the key to good budgeting.

  • Dec 14

    Money can buy a lot of things and there are usually a lot of things you want to buy.  Whether is be a new digital camera or a new pair of jeans, you have to spend some money on the things you want.

    While it is healthy to treat yourself to a few non-essential every once in a while, it is important that you be careful not to splurge too much.  The biggest problem is having a long “wish list” that you could probably buy know, but it would rain your bank account.

    Make sure you put money into your savings and retirement accounts each month.  After you do that and pay the bills you can set a few dollars aside to spend on yourself.

    Be careful not to get carried away though.  That is why putting money into savings before you spend anything is key to budgeting your life.