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  • Jul 28

    There are many advantages to putting your money in a credit union rather than in a bank. These institutions are owned and operated by those who put their money in them. Because of this, they often have fewer fees than a bank and they offer better opportunities to their members. Most Americans can join them. Usually they also offer better interest rates and they are often affected less by a poor economy that a typical bank. Credit Unions are also backed by the government so that you will get your money back, even if the credit union fails. While a credit union can fail, instead of closing it will usually merge with a fully operating credit union in order to protect the members.


  • Jul 26

    When you are building a home, there are several things you will want to keep in mind. One of the most important things that you will want to keep in mind is the cost of the project. Here are a few ideas for how you can cut how much it costs to build your dream home:

    1. Add on to the existing home instead of starting over completely
    2. Simplify your blueprints or decide on a smaller house
    3. Do not add extra rooms unnecessarily (ie. A pink playroom for the girls and a blue playroom for the boys)
    4. Leave some of the details for later (you may find a great sale on these things in the future)
    5. Buy readymade items, such as furniture, whenever you can


  • Jul 21

    Advertising is a very expensive service. Fortunately, there are many cheap ways that business can advertise effectively for itself.


    As you do this, you may find the need to advertise in more expensive ways is lower than it used to be. Here are a few cheap ways to advertise for yourself:


    1. Make every form of communication an opportunity to advertise: Put your logo and contact information on stationary, faxes, bills and other paperwork as you never know who will end up seeing it and contacting you
    2. Write articles on your industry: Many people look for information online and it is free to post articles with a link to your website
    3. Use online forum discussions: Many people look for services and products on forums and you can put a word in for yourself here
    4. Submit press releases: These are also free and seen as reliable sources of information that are shared with a lot of people
    5. Work with another business: By working together you can often increase the number of opportunities you have to advertise