Stale Green Light Are you prepared for a change in the green?
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    It’s happened to all of us. You’re happily driving along, come around a bend in the road and suddenly you’re facing a stale green light. How long has it been green? How much longer will it be green? If it changes right now what will I do? If you have asked yourself these questions when approaching a stale green light, then you have been caught in “the dilemma zone.”

    The dilemma zone begins when you are close enough to the light that you think you may be able to speed up if it turns yellow and make it through the intersection. You leave the dilemma zone when you are sure that if the light were to turn yellow, you would not be able to stop in time and would simply cruise through the intersection.

    There are signs that help you determine how long the light has been green. Are there cars still just barely accelerating? Is the pedestrian crossing signal showing a walk sign, or is the stop signal flashing? Paying attention to the signs can help you know when approaching a stale green light whether or not the light is likely to stay green. There are also financial warning signs. Paying attention to these signs can keep you and your money safe during those rough financial times. 

    Often times we find ourselves in the financial dilemma zone. We can either begin to speed up or slow down in a sense. At times we find ourselves in that financial dilemma zone when the green suddenly changes so to speak. Just as it is dangerous to instinctively speed up to get through that intersection before it turns red, it can be financially dangerous to react instinctively to radical changes in our financial situations.

    There are safe practices we can implement while driving to be safe when approaching a stale green light. Covering the brake, for example, means that we’ve already decided to stop if the light should change. Defensive driving, after all, is safe driving. We have the same control in our financial situations, whatever they may be. We can plan and prepare ahead of time for unexpected changes that can strike at any time. These current turbuulent times in the financial industry are evidence of that. The purpose of this blog is to provide the people with useful information that can help them be prepared for a sudden change in the green.