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  • Budget Help

    The Stale Green Light is devoted to offering you help with budgets. Nothing else can prepare you better for managing your finances. These budgeting tips will help you spend more wisely and act more frugally.

    Many people need budget planning help, so don’t feel alone. Budgeting help is a highly sought out service, so take advantage of the following budget tips.

    1. If you live with a significant other, only include one of your incomes in the budget. You should be able to survive on the income of just one of you. Take the income of the other person and put it directly into savings and investments, no questions asked.

    2. Always leave a cushion. If I make $5,000 each month, I shouldn’t plan on spending exactly $5,000 each month. Leave yourself a 10% cushion for discretionary allowance and unexpected expenses.

    3. In your expenditures, make a priority list. Rent or housing should be number one, followed by gas, water, electric and other bills. Typically grocery comes next. After that, prioritize your remaining expenses. Retail stores, restaurants and entertainment should be at the bottom of the list. These are unnecessary expenses.

    4. Put it where you can see it. Making a budget is no good if you never look at it or keep track of your spending. If it is in a visible place, you will update it regularly and do a much better job living by it.

    So there you have it, four great budgeting tips that can be a big help with budgets. Keep checking back regularly for updates and new budget tips!