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Are you prepared for a change in the green?

  • Aug 25

    One of the best ways to cut your expenses is to cut your bad habits. Many bad habits are very expensive. Alcohol, tobacco and other substances are very addictive and very expensive. As a result, you will spend thousands and thousands of dollars on these things every year if you are using them. Think of everything that you could use this money for if you were not spending it on these expendable items. In addition, many of your bills will come down. For example, your health insurance rate will be lower. This can also help you have more money to spend on other, more worthwhile things. 


  • May 24

    People are always wondering how they can save a lot of money and live within their means. One of the best ways to cut your expenses and to live within your means is not buy what you do not need.

    While this applies literally, it also applies to the fact that you can often purchase high quality used items for much lower prices than their new counterparts. Used clothing, books, cell phones, cars, computers, and a variety of other items will perform just as well and provide you with just as much enjoyment as a new version.

    However, they will be significantly cheaper. In addition, your access to these items has increased significantly throughout the past few decades with the rise of internet.

    There are many reliable sites that now sell used items, but you will need to be careful to make sure that you do not get tricked by a fraudster. Be careful with who you choose to purchase from and you can save a lot of money by purchasing second hand items.

  • Apr 19

    There are many ways that you can save money when you stop to think about it. One of the ways that you can save money is to carefully consider the video games that you choose. It is best to choose games that can be replayed over and over without loss of interest. Replay value translates directly into dollars because you will not have to buy more games as quickly due to boredom. By keeping the rule that you should not get new games until you have mastered the old ones, you will also be able to save money because you will not purchase new games as often. This policy will not sacrifice any entertainment value, but it can save you hundreds of dollars throughout the year.



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