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  • Saving Money While Traveling

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    Oct 5

    When you are traveling there are tons of ways that you can get nickeled-and-dimed.  There are a lot of people that do not plan for these expenses and sometimes there is no way to avoid these nickled-and-dimed expenses.  You should be sure that you are aware of the many different fees that you may incur while you are traveling.

    1. Airlines may charge for luggage-Although many people realize this now, it is important to be sure that you know exactly how much your luggage is going to cost with you to tote along on your vacation.
    2. Hotels may charge for…everything-From getting WiFi to being charged for parking there are many small charges that hotels may slam you with.  Some hotels charge their guests with a “resort” fee that covers the many different fees that they would otherwise charge you with separately.
    3. When you rent a car you should be sure that you fill the gas up before you return to the car rental facility.  Often times gas stations right around the facility will jack up their prices to ensure that they can take advantage of the drivers returning their cars.
    4. If you are traveling internationally be sure that you have a good credit card that you can take with you.  This way, you can be sure that you are getting the best exchange rate that you can get.
    5. when you know that you are going to have to use cash on your trip try to take it out beforehand and travel safely with it.  This way, you do not have to pay the ridiculous ATM fees that many banks will charge to take out cash.

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